Willz was a used-car e-commerce startup created by Localiza&Co, with an innovative value proposition and a digital and accessible buying experience. The platform aimed to target a new market of pre-owned cars.

Throughout a year, I worked on all stages of Willz's design process, from research to implementation. As the design team grew, I also took on the role of lead designer.

Year - 2022
Team - Willz/Localiza&Co
Role - Lead product designer


Due to the complex process of buying, preparing, and selling cars, we faced various challenges at Willz. We developed solutions for pricing, vehicle preparation checklists, client interfaces, and other demands, always with a focus on collecting feedback and metrics to improve the products.

At Willz, design was at the center of the process and was essential in helping other areas of the startup, such as business and marketing, make strategic decisions. We worked closely with these areas, ensuring alignment of strategies and contributing to the company's success.

Free Person Working on Laptop Website Mockup