tavola branco

Távola is a round table, made out of CNC cut plywood.

The idea for this project was to design a table I could build myself with simple router cuts and fixes for plywood, but didn´t have the aesthetics of a typical DIY furniture. I gathered some good furniture references and played around with different shapes, fixures and funcionalities. After I came up with a simple design that I liked, I built a scale model and make adjustments for the final cut. I made the file open source, and can be downloaded here.

The table had to have some flexibility of use because I would be using it in different moments for different activities. Thats why it has a shelf under the tabletop, kindly nicknamed "cat compartment" (porta-gatos), in witch I could store my laptop charger, to save some desktop space.

Year - 2019
Personal project
Role - Industrial design

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