Magic Leap

Year - 2018/2019
Team - Questtonó
Client - Magic Leap
Roles - UX design + strategy

Magic Leap is a startup that wants to bring spatial computing to reality. It has raised billions from investors like Google and Alibaba, and its tech has the potential to revolutionize how we think, interact, and build digital interfaces. 

We worked very closely to the team at Magic Leap, to develop internal strategies, and come up with different aplications for the spatial computing. I worked with a small design team on the experiences' design and visualisation, through sketches, storyboards and concept arts that, due to its confidentiality I cannot share. They were very well received, and most of the key experiences were taken to images that can be found in the current Magic Leap website, that we also helped envision.

Credit Image: Magic Leap


 © Magic Leap


 © Magic Leap


 © Magic Leap